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Charleston International Film Festival: Thursday, Block 4

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 9pm

at Sottile Theatre
  • All Ages, Bar with ID
This event has passed.
Music Video (5 mins.)

Director: Michael Alden Lloyd
Producers: Adam Gorlitsky and Harald Galinski
Cast: Stop Light Observations, Paul Simmons, Daniel Jones, Morgan Reese, Khari Lucas and Julia Levy

Synopsis: Fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and the hope to overcome them. Stop Light Observations: Smilers of the Night takes us into the dark, underground dungeon of the Gatekeeper, as he hooks our lead singer, Will Blackburn, to a projector that unlocks his subconscious mind.

- - -

Drama/Adventure (105 mins.) New Zealand

Director/Producer: Craig Newland
Writers: Craig Newland and Andrew Gunn
Cast: Matt Whelan, Belinda Crawley, Dan Musgrove and David Aston

Synopsis: It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not on New Zealand radio. Richard Davis a twenty-three-year-old journalist is determined to break the government’s monopoly on broadcasting and bring rock n' roll to a younger generation and hold onto the woman he loves. Based on an incredible true story this epic David and Goliath struggle unified a younger generation.

Sottile Theatre

44 George St.
Charleston, SC 29401

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