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Charleston International Film Festival: Thursday, Block 2

Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 5pm

at Sottile Theatre
  • All Ages, Bar with ID
This event has passed.

Shorts Program

Comedy (9 mins.) SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Charlie Redd
Producer: Sebastian Savino
Cast: Max Ash, Ethel Fisher, Mara Lalli, Boomer Tibbs and Madeline Virbasius

Synopsis: Reservations is a 2013 short comedy film written and directed by Charlie Redd, a student at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. The film stars Max Ash, Ethel Fisher and Mara Lalli and features a cameo by legendary jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. We follow Ted, a skeptical, young man who wasn't counting on an afterlife. When heaven turns out to be an over-booked hotel, Ted must face the cranky desk clerk who stands between him and a peaceful eternity...or at least one with room service.

- - -

Drama (15 mins.) SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Chandra Kilaru
Producers: Ramfis Myrthil and Dallas Brennan
Cast: Ato Essandoh, Frank Dolce, Natalie Knepp, Logan Floyd and Taylor Dior

Synopsis: Life is unpredictable. And the violence guns bring into our lives even more so. A young boy witnesses his mother getting shot and years later stumbles upon the killer, a cop who's a doting family man. With a gun in his hand, will the boy make the easy choice of revenge or the difficult choice of justice? Or will it be somewhere in between where most truths live? In shades of gray.

- - -

Drama (14 mins.) Australia

Director/Writer: Stuart O’Rourke
Producer: Leah James
Cast: Katya Harvey and Satya Ilanko

Synopsis: Ten-year-old Ravi, recently arrived from Sri Lanka, is shy on his first day at an Australian school. Ravi and his family have just moved into Sydney’s Villawood detention centre and school is the only time he is allowed outside its fences. At school he is befriended by Jane, and she invites him to her birthday party. Jane is dismayed when he doesn’t turn up to the party and is absent from school on Monday, only to learn he has moved away. It is only when she receives a letter from Ravi that she understands that their friendship is not lost.

- - -

Science Fiction (19 mins.) East Coast Premiere

Directors/Writers: Preston Peterson and Jason Boesch
Producer: Rebekah Sindoris
Cast: Zachary Ray Sherman, Sun Hong and Jeremy Radin

Synopsis: In the midst of the greatest scientific discovery of our generation, three young scientists face an ethical dilemma when their latest experiment goes a little too “right.”

- - -

Drama (15 mins.) UK, East Coast Premiere

Director/Writer: Charles Chintzer Lai
Producers: Prudence Beecroft and Charlotte Wolf
Cast: Vanessa Kirby, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Imogen Stubbs and Charlotte Hope

Synopsis: Two Londoners lose sleep but find each other.

- - -

Drama (30 mins.) Italy, SC Premiere

Director/Producer: Antonio De Palo
Writers: Antonio De Palo and Roberto Corradino
Cast: Giorgio Colangeli, Pietro De Silva, Riccardo Lanzarone, Davide Sasanelli and Luca Crocicchio

Synopsis: Riccardo is a child with Down syndrome and a burning passion for the theatre. Each afternoon, with the collusion of Mr. De Angelis, he sneaks into the small-town theatre in order to witness rehearsals featuring Mattia as he prepares for a show inspired by Marcel Marceau. The young Mattia, however, is hiding a secret that no one suspects.

Sottile Theatre

44 George St.
Charleston, SC 29401

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