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Charleston International Film Festival: Saturday, Block 5

Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 6pm

at Charleston Music Hall
This event has passed.
Comedy (6 mins.) Canada, SC Premiere

Director: François Jaros
Writer: Guillaume Lambert
Producers: Fanny-Laure Malo and Guillaume Lambert
Cast: Guillaume Lambert, Marie-Eve Milot, Marie-Claude St-Laurent and Sarah Pellerin

Synopsis: Love. Grief. Shock. Denial. Sleeplessness. Bubble bath. Mucus. Masturbation. Pop tart. Pigeons. Toothpaste. Hospital. Fuck. Bye. Hair. Sports. Chicken. Bootie. Kids. Rejection. Squirrels. Cries. Awkward—95 scenes, five minutes: life's a bitch.

- - -

Southern Comedy (98 mins.) USA

Director/Writer: Bryan Coley
Producers: Bryan Coley, Matt Pope and Darren Moorman
Cast: Jeff Foxworthy (narrator), Wes Murphy, Bethany Anne Lind, L. Warren Young, Aaron Beelner, Phillip DeVona, Rick Dial and Rob Bouton,

Synopsis: In the off-beat style of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, this southern fairytale, narrated by executive producer, Jeff Foxworthy follows the comical missteps of a lovable loser, Bill "Crackerjack" Bailey IV (CJ). His residence of choice is a singlewide. His entrepreneurial endeavors include collecting state quarters and Dinky Dolls. And the only diamond that he gets near is not the finger of his live-in girlfriend, Sherry, but instead a softball diamond, which is CJ's drug of choice, However, when Sherry learns she's pregnant and moves out to prod CJ into action, the real root of CJ's artful dodging comes into play: a curse in which Bailey men become absent as soon as a baby becomes present. Faced with losing his true love or confronting the curse and his impending fatherhood, CJ does what any man would do¬—play ball!

Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403